Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rotofugi and the Clap Monsters

Rotofugi a Chicago based toy store, is now selling some great Kaiju-Inspired Toys.
They recently added a Kaiju section to their store, which is great for folks like me who can't enough of monsters. I'll be visiting way more often because of this.

They recently released Zaran from Clap Monsters. This would be the second version of the monster. The first sold out almost immediately at the opening of their ToyKarma show. Zaran the first version reminded me of a vintage Marusan figure. The production number was also very low.

The figure is around twelve inches tall and has a very clumsy shape about him, which gives the monster a lot of character. The color-way(yellow,red,blue) is beautiful and has to be seen in person to truly admire the work. If the first version looked like a vintage kaiju than the second version would be it's Zombie brother. The eye's on the second version looks of a dead fish with the mouth dripping of red from feeding on something or someone? Clap Monsters is a small company from Japan which is working exclusively with Rotofugi. The Zaran second version has a relatively low production number. I would recommend purchasing one if you get the chance to do so. Zaran seems to fit right at home with the fellows from Longneck.

Jermy was the one who presented me with my figure. He's been showing some of his brilliant work on the skullbrain forums and I hope to see his figures evolve onto the retail shelves in the near future.

Please visit the link below for the new Kaiju section at Rotofugi

Rotofugi Kaiju

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