Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dead or Alive (DOA)

Not too be confused with the Takashi Miike trilogy, the new movie based on the best selling Xbox games is now here. The movie stars Jamie Pressly (My name is Earl) as Rachel and Devon Aoki(Sin City) as Ayane. The DOA girls are invited to a island (sound familiar?)(Enter the Dragon) to a invitational martial arts contest. Fighters are then pitted against one another in a knock-out style tournament, with the loser of a battle sent home, and the winner progressing to the next round. The DOA girls begin as rivals, but subsequently find themselves teaming up against evil doers. Directed by Cory Yuen (Transporter). Please stop by our dvd section and see how much awful goodness is in store for you.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hukkokudo Original 1970s Replica Version Zagora

In stock is the now elusive Hukkokudo 1970s Replica Version of the Zagora. The Hukkokudo Zagora stands at eleven inches tall, larger than the Gargamel version. Zagora is a special mail order piece. Taken from the original mold from Daikyo. The Lost Kaiju also had a neon green version which sold out immediately. I was lucky enough to get one for myself. Please check back for more Zagora updates. Soon to be released is the green/yellow version, similar to a classic Bullmark color scheme. :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Highlander Search for Vengeance

The Lost Kaiju will be adding the new anime Highlander Search for Vengeance. To be released on June 5. It is from the creators Kawajiri (Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, Ninja Scroll) and Madhouse. The movie will also have an integration of CG as in the last feature. Their is no Duncan or Connor in Search for Vengeance, but a new Macleod by the name of Colin. David Abramowitz has written the story. You may know him from scripting Highlander tv show. I've always been a big Highlander fan. Can't wait to see this!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Fight for the Flavor is teaming up with Kaiju Big Battle to produce some offbeat online videos with Doritos called Fight for the Flavor. The videos blend Godzilla, pro wrestling, and will make you spew with laughter; basically, Kaiju Big Battle created life-sized new flavors of Doritos...the Doritos battle each other in underground cage-match settings. Only one will survive...and Doritos will no longer produce the other flavor!

The videos can be found here on, they're each 2-3 minute episodes in a series. If you can't enjoy adults fighting in wacky rubber suits....well, it’s all relative.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I just received the new Gogamejira (Gogamezilla) from Anrakuansaku. This new version is clear green with with organs. The Gogamejiras are insanely popular in Japan right now and are becoming more well known here in the states among kaiju fans. You would be lucky to find one.. if so, don't hesitate! Everyone should have a Goga in their collection. The production numbers on the Gogamejira's are low. I've seen some on ebay and they tend to go for the higher price points.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Back in stock and Upcoming news!

Back in stock now is the Evil Ultraman Tiga from Banpresto. A brilliant posed figure. We also have the new gosho doll (ningyo project) by Dalek. Only five hundred pieces made. It is Dalek's take on the traditional Japanese Gosho doll which has many symbolic meanings.

Coming in late May/June is the Akiko Fuji figure by the company Fewture, and some classic Bandai figures with tags. One of these figures will be the Ultraman foe Dada. And one more for the road will be the Hukkokudo Zagoras. Original spray version and fluorescent green. For our dvd section we will be adding a few more greats. Media Blasters Frankenstein conquers the world and cyberpunk masterpiece Pinocchio 964.