Sunday, May 4, 2008


A BiG Thank You to Eric of Pachi Universe on helping me locate the volume switch on my Ultraman Pachinko machine. The game is incredibly fun, now I can play it without going deaf (:
You can visit Eric's site at for Japanese related goods and pachinko fun!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day

Today is May 1st and it is May Day. There are many people who celebrate May Day in all types of fashions, whether it be practicing Wicca, planting flowers or howling at the moon and dancing around fires.
Jess and I usually celebrate yearly by sitting down at watching one of my favorite films. The original Wicker Man with Christopher Lee... not the bastardized version with Nick Cage. I won't spoil it for you but the ending is a shocker, plus the soundtrack is pretty groovy, it also has a cult following with it's mix of folk and acid fusion. Anchor Bay had come out with a great collectors edition, I know.. I know.. they seem to have several collectors editions. This version comes with the uncut and the US version of the film. If that's not all it comes it a great wooden box that has an etched design of the Wicker Man. Very Cool! Happy May Day to all..

Here's some info from Wikipedia on the film and the history of the Wicker Man

"The Wicker Man is a classic cult 1973 British film filmed in Scotland, combining thriller, existential horror and musical genres, directed by Robin Hardy and written by Anthony Shaffer. The film stars Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, Diane Cilento, Ingrid Pitt and Britt Ekland. Paul Giovanni composed the soundtrack.
The Wicker Man is generally very highly regarded by critics. Film magazine Cinefantastique described it as "The Citizen Kane of Horror Movies", and in 2004 the magazine Total Film named The Wicker Man the sixth greatest British film of all time. It also won the 1978 Saturn Award for Best Horror Film. A scene from this film was #45 on Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie Moments"

"Sergeant Neil Howie is sent an anonymous letter recommending that he investigate the disappearance of a young girl, Rowan Morrison, on the remote Hebridean island of Summerisle.[1] He flies to the island and during his investigations discovers that the entire population follows a neo-pagan cult under the island's owner Lord Summerisle, believing in re-incarnation, worshipping the sun and engaging in fertility rituals and sexual magic in order to appease immanent natural forces."

"Howie, a devout Christian, is increasingly shocked by the islanders' behaviour; yet he is attracted and repelled by the alluring and sexual Willow, the daughter of the landlord of the inn where he is staying. He receives no assistance in his search from the islanders, who initially deny Morrison exists and then say that she recently died. At her grave, however, he finds only a hare interred. Howie persists and uncovers evidence suggesting the girl was a victim, or perhaps is soon to be a victim, of human sacrifice."