Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Featured Artist is Carlos Enriquez

Our featured artist will be Carlos Enriquez. This very talented artist has sculpted many familiar kaiju that has to be seen to believe. Carving out figures from wood he then uses fiberglass to bring to life his creations. You can see he has been inspired by tokusatsu shows such as Barom 1 or Matango. One of Carlos's many interests are Quantum Physics. He will be at Toy Karma in Chicago on Setember 8 with many other talents including Mark Nagata, Bob Conge, Ralph Cosentino, and Steve Forde. Carlos will be selling many of his unique pieces at Toy Karma. This is one artist to watch! Please visit our featured artist page to catch a glimpse of things to come..

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Now in Stock

The Lost Kaiju has some new figures in stock now! CCP Spectreman C type. (weathered version)
These were limited to only 300 pieces. A highly detailed figure of Spectreman in the latter episodes as the suit took some real beatings. From the brilliant Japanese toy company Amapro comes Kira. Kira is limited to 100 figures and is purple vinyl.

One of my personal favorites this month is Liberty Planet's Seabozu (Glow version) The like-able depressed Kaiju from the Ultraman epidsode Grave of the Monsters. Even comes with a glow and the dark rock! Come over to the store and check out the great figures.

We will reveal our featured artist shortly, can you guess who it is? He will be at Rotofugi's Toy Karma next month.