Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wedding Daze with Alien Xam

Yesterday I had a received a very cool wedding gift from Mark Nagata (Max Toy) A custom painted Alien Xam puppet figure. Me being a big fan of Marks custom painting and the Alien Xam figures I was overjoyed. I remember when I first started getting into collecting Japanese toys Mark was happy to answer my infinite questions on kaiju toys. Thanks Mark! Also keep a look-out for the upcoming shows of Mark Nagata (Max Toy) as posted earlier in my blog, Kaiju Monster Invasion and Toy Karma 2 coming to Rotofugi in 2009, we'll keep you posted when we receive more news.
You can visit MaxToy here
I've got my eye on the new Nagata/Bob Conge (Nightgamer) Eyezon check it out

Saturday, September 6, 2008

EXCLUSIVE SNEEK PEEK Martin Harris and The Kaiju Monster Invasion

Acclaimed Melbourne artist Martin Harris has granted The Lost Kaiju with a first look at one of his paintings for the upcoming Gallery show simply called The Kaiju Monster Invasion. The show will be taking place at the Harold Golen Gallery in Florida opening December 3, 2008. A handful of talented artists will be showing their recent creations of Kaiju mayhem with the likes of Mark Nagata, Jim Woodring, Dream Rocket and of course Martin Harris!
Martin's painting shown here is titled Kaiju Carnival Ride. Depicted are his famous creatures riding along Kaiju-inspired festival rides. What comes to my mind is Roald Dahl meets Eiji Tsuburaya. You can also check out his other works at
Please come out and support these outstanding artists and toymakers. There won't be a better place to be this December!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

ELEKING and ME or US TOYS Giant Eleking

US Toys Giant Eleking. Limited to 50 pieces and stands just over fifteen inches tall. This is one amazing piece of work. The paint job is immaculate. The figure had come with an oversized backing card and wrapped up nicely with colored strings. Eleking's tail is super long and has ton of articulation which may make him a shelf hog but he's well worth it! The eyelits even rotate. The two other Jumbo sized US Toys figures are the Kanegon's. One standard colored and the other glow. I may be able to score the glow version soon, with a little luck. US Toys a Japanese based company has really become one of most sought after pieces with most toy collectors. Customers who placed orders in the past we'll have your figures shipped out this week, plus we have some extra Marmit and Yamanaya's figures still available. Please email if your interested.