Monday, May 7, 2007

Back in stock and Upcoming news!

Back in stock now is the Evil Ultraman Tiga from Banpresto. A brilliant posed figure. We also have the new gosho doll (ningyo project) by Dalek. Only five hundred pieces made. It is Dalek's take on the traditional Japanese Gosho doll which has many symbolic meanings.

Coming in late May/June is the Akiko Fuji figure by the company Fewture, and some classic Bandai figures with tags. One of these figures will be the Ultraman foe Dada. And one more for the road will be the Hukkokudo Zagoras. Original spray version and fluorescent green. For our dvd section we will be adding a few more greats. Media Blasters Frankenstein conquers the world and cyberpunk masterpiece Pinocchio 964.

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