Monday, November 5, 2007

First anniversary Exohead memory Prize

Garimpo Exohead Grodnoid (Enemy of Man-Machine)
One of the coolest figures to come out this fall was the Garimpo Exohead Grodnoid.
Standing at seven inches tall, the Grodnoid comes with an extra arm attachment that looks like a spiky mace. The color-way is a burnt yellowish orange within clear vinyl.
The head of Grodnoid is two faced skull figure with women's legs protruding from it. If that's not all the orifices seem to be filled with anal plugs?

I was offered a Lotto-Prize piece by my good friend/buyer from Japan. It is called the First anniversary Exohead memory prize. Type A These were never for sale anywhere and only five were made worldwide. The only US person I know who has one is the custom toy painter Paul Kaiju.

The prize comes with an extra head for the Man-Machine and a little black monster waving it's hands in the air. (Very cool!) The prize head color-way is done differently and comes with a fiery red and yellow color, solid vinyl not clear like the standard.
The anal plugs stand out a little more because of this. A wonderfully demented piece of work. Another great figure from Exohead!

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