Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Marmit Black End (Featured collectible of the month)

Marmit Black-End will be our featured collectible of the month. This is one crazy figure! He reminds me of a dragon inside a giant grapefruit with dangerous spikes throughout the body. In the episode the spikes retract and extract from him. Amazing sculpt design and the paint job is immaculate, one of the best Marmit figures to come out this year. Tail and feet are move-able. Black-End was a Ultraman Leo kaiju. He was the season finale monster, also Black-End has never been issued by any other company before except Marmit. It would fit well with a Marmit Darkron figure.
Our price will be $90.00 and be up in our store this week. A Big Thanks to Alex Wald for providing me with information on Black-End and the UltraShow which he was from.

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