Monday, October 29, 2007

M1-Go Vira Seijin

M1-Go Vira Seijin an UltraSeven Foe. I recently acquired this figure from one of my favorite toy companies M1-Go. There are several variations of this figure which include some glow and a gold lottery version. I believe it was initially released as a lucky bag and then reintroduced as part of the Battle Royal set from M1.
Pictured here is the orange version. Vira Seijin's head amazingly rotates, as well as his legs and at the base. To me Vira Seijin resembles a happy face-hugger from the Alien movies. But remember these shows pre-dated the Alien movies, which goes to prove that these Ultrashows were way ahead of their time. The M1 Vira Seijin is around eight-nine inches tall, standard size. Again a thank-you to Martin for his contributions of Shonen Weekly!

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