Sunday, October 28, 2007

Comics and The Silver Surfer

Jess and I visited the Wolf Flea Market today. It's right off I 90-94 in the AllState Arena(formerly Rosemont Horizon) parking lot in Chicago.
Sadly it was the last weekend of the market till April 2008. I have been coming on and off throughout the last couple of months. There are plenty of odd treasures to be found. I was actually contemplating on purchasing a Colombo Detective Board Game. For me the real deals were in these comic book vendors. I have found old back issues of the Amazing Spider-Man where he discovers his cosmic powers and other issues such as Stan Lee/Jack Kirby Silver Surfer, X-men etc. all for $1.00 The stories seem to be much better way back when. The larger city comic stores have these but for a hefty price.
On our way out I came across a Silver Surfer Toy. It was pretty dirty but had some charm. The Surfer came with his trademark Surfboard which his feet could slide in (Snowboarding?) The lady screamed two dollars, I.. of course not hearing her well said one dollar? Sold!! The figure almost looks like a bad silver Oscar, but it's well articulated and has happily found a place among many of my Japanese monsters and heroes. Made by Toybiz 1994

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