Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wedding Daze with Alien Xam

Yesterday I had a received a very cool wedding gift from Mark Nagata (Max Toy) A custom painted Alien Xam puppet figure. Me being a big fan of Marks custom painting and the Alien Xam figures I was overjoyed. I remember when I first started getting into collecting Japanese toys Mark was happy to answer my infinite questions on kaiju toys. Thanks Mark! Also keep a look-out for the upcoming shows of Mark Nagata (Max Toy) as posted earlier in my blog, Kaiju Monster Invasion and Toy Karma 2 coming to Rotofugi in 2009, we'll keep you posted when we receive more news.
You can visit MaxToy here
I've got my eye on the new Nagata/Bob Conge (Nightgamer) Eyezon check it out

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