Thursday, September 4, 2008

ELEKING and ME or US TOYS Giant Eleking

US Toys Giant Eleking. Limited to 50 pieces and stands just over fifteen inches tall. This is one amazing piece of work. The paint job is immaculate. The figure had come with an oversized backing card and wrapped up nicely with colored strings. Eleking's tail is super long and has ton of articulation which may make him a shelf hog but he's well worth it! The eyelits even rotate. The two other Jumbo sized US Toys figures are the Kanegon's. One standard colored and the other glow. I may be able to score the glow version soon, with a little luck. US Toys a Japanese based company has really become one of most sought after pieces with most toy collectors. Customers who placed orders in the past we'll have your figures shipped out this week, plus we have some extra Marmit and Yamanaya's figures still available. Please email if your interested.

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