Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Project Ultraman No more?

Our friend Dhiti Chantravekin informed the Lost Kaiju that Tsuburaya Chaiyo may no longer be airing the much anticipated series Project Ultraman. Here's the scoop.

Tsuburaya Chaiyo has lost a court battle with Tsuburaya Productions in the Thai Intellectual Property Court which rules that all new Tsuburaya Chaiyo's designed Ultramans, i.e. Ultraman Millennium, Ultraman Elite and Dark Ultraman, are considered a copyright violation. Therefore, there is a slim chance that Project Ultraman will be put on air. Tsuburaya Chaiyo didn't expect this outcome, and was badly prepared to cope with the situation. Compromise between the two companies is unlikely.


Hilman said...

What!? Even though I hate Tsuburaya Chaiyo(don't ask why), I still feel that they should at least air it on television. Otherwise, it would be a serious waste of energy.

dhiti said...

Thanks for your comment. I am the writer of this news article. Even thoguh I am a Thai, I am no big fan of Tsuburaya Chaiyo either for what they did in the past, but I don't think Ultraman deserves this kind of justice. Ultraman is for fans of all ages. I just hope that they can find a court settlement with Tsuburaya Productions, so that the series can be put on air.

John Paul Cassidy said...

Don't bet on it. Chaiyo Productions violated the 2004 court ruling in Tokyo, so he was in absolutely no position to be producing this new series. You have to understand that Chaiyo's actions are intended to undermine Tsuburaya Productions.

Personally, I'm very glad to see that justice is done, even though the case is not yet over. This does, however, put a permanent stop to PROJECT ULTRAMAN. Additionally, the "Tsuburaya Chaiyo" part of Chaiyo Productions is no more, according to an unconfirmed Thai report.

Incidentally, SciFiJapan.com has just posted this informative article on the story behind the whole case, as well as the recent court rulings (and the owner of this site should find this fascinating as well):