Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Finding The Lost Kaiju

I was recently interviewed by the great people at Kaijuice. Below is the intro, click here to read the full interview!

Finding John Murray & The Lost Kaiju:

The internet brings the world to your fingertips. What does that mean for today's toy collectors? Is there a finite amount of Kaiju toys left on the earth? Are Kaiju the natural resource that will replace the need for foreign oil? What is missing from your Kaiju inventory?

Kaijuice is always glad to meet & make new friends with of all kinds of creative & kaiju disciplines. The cute the evil the monstrous & vinyl. Kaiju enthusiasts & vintage toy collectors alike check out this short interview with the man behind the monster that is The Lost Kaiju. Check out his site & store to see their recent aquisitions & toy offerings. Fun pics, products, & news await you!

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